Sunday, October 21, 2012

She's Crafty: Clothespin frames

I have been scouring Goodwill for high quality wooden frames to complete a photo project similar to this one that I found through Pinterest.  I found a few frames lately and have been saving them for a crafty-feeling day which happened to be yesterday after I completed a bunch of homework.  In total, this project cost less than $5 total and took me about an hour to complete!

Fast, cheap, and something I would hang on my walls = my kind of project.

Here is my completed version of the clothespin frames...

I recently found the frames below at Goodwill for $2.99 each, but lucky for me, it was 50% off day and so each frame was only $1.50.  

Ugly prints but good quality well made frames.

I peeled off the paper backing, took out the glass along with the little diamond-shaped daggers of metal that were holding it in all around the edges.  (During this process I was freaking out at the dogs because they were running around trying to play and I was afraid they would step on of the the daggers and cut their feet.)  After this was complete, I was left with empty frames.

Sturdy frames.

Next I measured out a guesstimate of how far apart I would want the twine to be to accommodate my 4 x 4 inch pictures.  I used mini-nails that I already had on hand and nailed them in most of the way but leaving enough room for the twine to be tied around the nails.  

Then I wrapped the twine around the nails and tied it securely. (I also already owned the twine.)  After the twine is tied, I hammered the nails down over the knots to secure the twine even more.

Without the pictures added it looks like this:

I had already ordered my prints from Walgreens because they let you select the 4 x 4 inch size which is what I wanted for my frames.  I ordered several extra prints so that I can change them out whenever the mood strikes :)

I ordered the mini-clothespins from amazon because I was ordering other things and it was easier to add them onto the order than go to a craft store for them.  I have been to Michael's though, and they do have mini-clothespins there.

I attached the prints with the clothespins and there you have it.  Clothespin frames.  It's that easy.

Clockwise from top-left: Noell and I, Christmas 2010; Nala wearing my glasses;
Kain after a long run; Benjamin my sweet nephew.

Notice professor Nala Bear in the upper-right :)

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