Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hump Day Nuggets: a little bit of this, a little bit of that

hump day nuggets: bits of the season in photos and words*

*The hump day nuggets series is the brainchild of Nici Holt Cline who blogs over at dig this chick.  You should check out her blog or her etsy shop, to see the full extent of her talent and creativity.  Thanks Nici!

Let's get the least pleasant out of the way first.  

::Gum graft surgery.  

Apparently even though I am a (fairly) young lady, I have receding gums.  Yes I brush and yes I floss. I even got rid of my fancy, super-awesome-electronic-made-my mouth-feel-so-clean toothbrush considering brushing "too hard" could have been contributing to this receding.  To no avail, I needed gum graft surgery.  Once your gum tissue is gone, it's gone, there is no way to re-generate it.    

So I had this wonderful procedure done yesterday.  They say that some people opt for local anesthetic only (you know just a little numbing medicine injected directly into your hard palate) thank you.  I wanted to remember nothing, so I went for the big guns...conscious sedation.  

Of course my nursey-nurse self, went to the consultation with a laundry list of questions including "what medicine do you use for conscious sedation?" and  "do you have a crash cart here/where is it?"  Man, nurses really do make the worst patients.  

If you don't want to read about a medical procedure (you must be chicken, it's not that bad) skip this next paragraph. 

So the way they do the procedure is that they take a graft from the roof of your mouth and use it to cover the area where the recession is happening.  For me, the recession was on two lower front teeth.  They stitch the graft into place and let the tissue heal and grow into the existing tissue.  For my graft site, they make a flap, take tissue from under the flap and then re attach the stitches there too.  

Hard to really take a photo of this but here you can see the stitches where the graft is in place: 
See those little black stitches? also: ignore the pig-nose-angle of the camera.
After being driven home after the surgery, I slept most of the day and evening.  I slept all last night and most of this morning too!  I am definitely sore, but the recovery is not as bad as I was expecting; at least so far.  I think I can attribute that to the percocet and great nursing care I am receiving form my wife.  

And who can complain when your diet is mainly these foods.  Especially after my typical Paleo diet lately.
Very non-paleo

:: Mother's Day

I hope all of my friend and family who are mom's had a great day on Sunday!  I got to celebrate on Saturday with my aunt Mary who was in CA for business and was able to spend a night in San Diego with us. 

Aunt Mary and me

I received some flowers from my wife animals as well.  Well technically the card stated that the flowers were from the dogs.  The flowers were Stargazer Lilies, which smell amazing but are poisonous to cats.  According to my wife the dogs did that on purpose.  Either way, they are pretty and smell great! 

:: The cutest little cactus.

I went to an small local art fair at a nursery near my house a few weeks ago.  It is the same art fair I have previously participated in by selling my handmade cards.  I went for birthday gifts for friends and family members who have birthdays coming up soon, and succeeded in finding some gifts. BUT! I had to have this tiny crocheted cactus for myself.  I have no idea why, but I fell in love with this little guy.  I brought him home and now he lives on my bathroom shelf where i can stare at him each and every day.   Check him out: 

:: Saving the best for last....I am no longer taking Diflucan! 

 After 4+ years of taking a crazy high dose every day to combat that pesky fungus, my blood work is showing no cryptococcus in my system!  yay!  It is really strange to not have meds to take everyday; I would always take me meds with dinner and it still feels like I am forgetting something around dinnertime each day.  I will be having lab work done on a few weeks to re-check and make sure I continue to be clear of fungus, but for now, I am celebrating.  

What's going on with you?  


  1. Great nugget post. Excellent nursey questions! Love the cactus! Hooray for no fungus!! :) Miss your face. Please have your wifey give you a hug for me.

  2. I had this EXACT procedure done back when I lived in LJ-land (how did I not know about your blog?!). Same location, too, and yeah brush/floss, etc. They said my frenulum was tugging it down my whole life. I only got local and gas - I listened to a Phish album. I was freaking out. But I've heard they can also use tissue from cadavers so I'm good. I don't wanna have Dead People Smile O_O


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