Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tile revival

Our bathroom tile was looking very dingy.  I would scrub it with tile cleaner, bleach, soft scrub, etc.  You name it....I tried it.  Despite all this our bathroom tile looked like this:

Yuck #1

Yuck #2

Then last week as I was reading one of the blogs in my regular rotation, The Frugal Girl, I saw she tried and reviewed this product called Polyblend Grout Renew.  I had never heard of this type of grout product before.  It worked for her and was inexpensive (I believe it was about $10) so I decided to give it a try and....


So white!

So bright!

It's like we have a new shower.

So if you have tile grout that you clean and clean and it still looks dirty, try this stuff, it's awesome!

PS.  I have no idea why the pictures are a little blurry in this post....I can't figure out why.


  1. ya know that whole Masters degree thing you got in Nurse practioning? you missed your calling. you should be a pitch woman!

  2. Your tile looks AMAZING!!!!! Great, great, job.


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