Wednesday, October 23, 2013

She's Crafty: Outdoor Chair Revival!

A couple of months ago I was realizing that our outdoor plastic chairs were looking pretty bad.  No matter the amount of cleaning, they were just worse for the wear.  I searched around for some solutions and found a few other cheap inventive people out there who had spray painted their furniture with pretty amazing results.  So I decided to try spray painting ours to give them a few more summers of use before we actually needed new ones.

I read some reviews of different brands and types of paint and decided to try the Krylon Fusion brand because it had the best reviews for this type of plastic painting.  As a bonus, this paint requires no prep work like sanding or priming, just a clean dry chair is all you need.  I went with "Watermelon" for our shabby-looking plastic Adorndack-type chair and "Patriotic Blue" for our regular chairs that started out white dirty-grayish-white.  Here are what the chairs looked like before and after:

Overall I am really happy with the results!  What do you think?  

Although I linked you to Amazon to show you the colors, I got my paint at Wal-Mart for about $4 a can. Each chair took about 2 cans so total was $8 per chair.  Not a huge bargain but saved us a few bucks and now we have brightly colored seating.  

PS.  Still have no idea why the pics are blurry and/or have to be super-small in order to not be blurry. I have not changed how I upload them or add them to the blog.  I have searched on the help boards but can't seem to find an answer....anyone else with a blog that can help?  

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